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Japan is so expensive when you go out so it makes sense to cook at home. My skills are still in the hobby stage but I am trying. Below are some of my attempts and will post recipes soon.
(Still working on this page)

Aqua Pazza with hummus in the background - a very simple meal.

Chicken curry with a quiona salad


quiche Quiche
beef-bourgne Coq Au Vin - an Alton Brown recipe that took 48 hours to make.
243prik nam pal - spicy sauce - chilli in fish sauce

lobster lobster :-)
gyoza Gyoza - dumplings

261 Larb Gai - Spicy Thai chicken
263Tom Yum Koong Soup
banana-bread Olive, cheese and beer bread
010 A really expensive ($5.00) small head of cauliflower - these are normal prices these days.
182Channa curry - One of my top favorites and easy to make.
fireCoq Au Vin Flambe